Wholesale Irish Turf / Peat Incense Basket Set


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Handmade Irish Turf / Peat Incense.
Wholesale Wicker Basket holds 20 sets - Please Contact us before placing order!
Basket measures 30 x 25 x 20cm
Sets come complete with Bangor Blue Slate burner with felt pads to protect surfaces, 8x true to life solid turf incense sods made to burn easily and slowly to fill your home with the original smell of an Irish cottage.
Produced on our farmhouse in Silverbridge in the Heart of South Armagh, you can recreate the smell of rural Ireland in your own home without even owning a fireplace!
With our Incense turf sods placed on the Bangor Blue Slate burner and ignited, you will soon be transported back to the old Irish cottages, where warmth and cooking of food were provided by the open fire and sods of turf burning within.
This incense has been specially designed to be easy to ignite with a lasting smoulder that will fill the room with the distinctive smell of an open turf fire. Each lifelife turf sod burns for approx. 35-45 mins.
Low profile packaging means this fits inside a Large Letter size.
Authentic brown wicker basket is decorated with real turf and holds 20 packs comfortably. Comes with laminated signage as pictured.
Refill Packs and single packs available
Made in County Armagh