USB Aroma Diffuser / Humidifier - Large 1L

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A dry environment can cause water loss and accelerate the aging process. A Humidifier can create perfect indoor humidity and care for the health of the family. With this 1000ml large capacity humidifier, it gives out a smooth mist which can moisten dry and chapped skin and lift your mood.

Simply add a few drops of your favourite Aureal essential oil into the water tank along with fresh water and press the button to simultaneously add moisture to the air along with a fresh, clean aroma and all the benefits of essential oils. 

Suitable for 30~40m space, Perfect to use at home, office, bedroom, living room, yoga room, and spa room.

Material: ABS
Color: black, white
Power: 3W
Voltage: DC 5V
Coverage area: 41-60㎡
Light color: red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple
Power supply: USB
Capacity: 1000ML /180ml

Item size: 218 * 103 mm / 8.58 * 4.06 in